Helpful Tips

Are you having trouble completing your ADD/DROP even though it's before the deadline? Here are some troubleshooting tips: 

  1. If you are not up to date in paying your fees, your ADD/DROP requests will not be processed. Stay up to date on your financial information through your Student Center or by contacting the Fees Office at
  2. Do you have the prerequisite for the course you are trying to add? If not, you will not be able to enroll and will need to seek Special Permission to take it.
  3. Are you trying to take more than 5 courses in a term? This is called a Course Overload and requires Special Permission
  4. For any issues related to using Student Center, please contact Student Central through Western Live Chat.

Are you in your first year and trying to enroll in courses numbered 2000 and above? Anything above 1000-level courses are considered senior-level courses. In order to meet first-year requirements, you need to 5.0 1000-level credits. If you don't have these credits, it could prevent you from progressing into an Honours program. It may even prevent you from graduating.

Don't get caught with unwanted courses in your schedule! Students sometimes forget to drop second term courses when they have not completed the prerequisite in the first term. If you fail or drop a prerequisite in the fall term, make sure you drop the second term course before it starts so that you don't forget until it's too late.

Avoid these common mistakes that may delay your graduation

  • Taking more than 1.0 course per academic session at an Affiliated College (Huron, King's, Brescia).
  • Taking too many courses in one subject.
  • Taking inappropriate 2000-2999 level courses (see the specific numbers needed for your module). 
  • Taking too many first year courses throughout your degree (the maximum allowed is 7.0).
  • Missing the Category B (i.e. Arts) or Category C (i.e. Science) requirements.
  • Missing the essay requirements (E, F/G).
  • Taking two courses that are antirequisites. Pay particular attention to your statistic courses. Many statistics courses in Social Science and Science overlap. You could lose credit by taking the wrong one. Refer to the Academic Calendar for antirequisites and plan ahead!