Intent to Register

Every March students have the opportunity to submit their Intent to Register (ITR) to request entry into a program. If you are a first-year student, or you have not yet declared a program/module(s), you must fill out the ITR to give yourself the best advantage for September registration. ITR is available through Student Center as of March 1. 

The ITR deadline is March 31 - no exceptions. Students who have submitted their ITR by the deadline will have their requests reviewed during adjudication in May. By mid-June, those students will know if they were admitted to one of their chosen programs. Students who do not submit the ITR will remain in their current program/module(s) if they are still eligible to proceed, or they will be Undeclared for the upcoming academic year. If you do not need to make any changes to your current program and/or status, you do not need to submit an ITR. NOTE: All first-year students must submit their ITR

Students pursuing a concurrent degree (e.g. pursuing a degree in Social Science while also pursuing a professional degree like Engineering, Music, Nursing, etc.) will not be able to submit through Student Center. Those students must submit their ITR through our Help Portal by following Intent to Register > Unable to submit ITR through Student Center

Students pursuing the HBA Dual Degree with Ivey do not need to submit an ITR to Social Science. Please contact Ivey at for guidance on the process.

Still Undecided?

That means you need to spend some time program planning. Once you have some options in mind, you can connect with one of our counsellors for further assistance. Don't forget to check out the dates and times for our ITR virtual drop-in information sessions!

Scholars Programs (Scholar's Electives & Western Scholars)

First year students: contact Trish Regier for assistance with your ITR
Upper-year students: complete ITR through the Student Center. If you are considering a change to your program, contact Trish Regier for support.

To reach Trish, submit a ticket through our Help Portal by following Program > Scholar's Programs