Social Science Students' Council Leadership Awards

Beginning 2008/2009 academic year, the SSSC's contribution is a result of the generosity of students in the Faculty of Social Science through their student donation fees and the leadership of the SSSC.

*New Value: 11 at $2,200 each

Awarded annually to full-time undergraduate students registered in the Faculty of Social Science (main campus) in the previous year and who are currently registered in the Faculty of Social Science (main campus) in their second, third or fourth year, with a minimum 70% average. Students will be selected based on their demonstrated leadership and participation in extra-curricular activities on campus and/or at the local, national and international levels.

To apply, students must submit the application (see below) outlining their qualifications based on previous and current years, indicate if they were also engaged in paid employment during the relevant time period, and include two letters of reference. Due date is November 30. The scholarship committee for the Faculty of Social Science will select the recipients, with a preference for distributing awards to students across departments and programs in the Faculty of Social Science (main campus). A student may receive this award once during their undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Social Science at Western.  This award is open only to students completing their first undergraduate degree.  Value was increased in 2018/19 from $1800 to $2200.

Download your application here:

Application in MS Word format

Application in PDF form 

Congratulations to 2020/2021 SSSC Leadership Award winners!

  • Matthew Benjamin-Sattler
  • Emma Good
  • Whitney Igidi
  • Sydney Joao
  • Beenish Khan
  • Megan Kraly
  • Miranda McDonald
  • Sarah McFarlan
  • Razan Mohamed
  • Megan Rauser
  • Laurent Ruffo-Caracchini