Congratulations! You made it!

Once you are in your last term of study, nearing the completion of all your degree, program and module requirements, you will apply to graduate. This can be done on Student Center by following Menu > Self Service > Graduation > Apply for Graduation.

Students may apply to graduate at three different intervals:

Spring Convocation, which takes place in June, is the most commonly attended. Applications open in early March and the deadline to submit is April 30.

Autumn Convocation takes place in October for students who become eligible to graduate after the Summer Session. Applications open in early July and the deadline to submit is September 8.

February In Absentia Convocation does not have a convocation ceremony. This is for students who have completed their degree by the end of December and want to graduate before the following spring. Applications open in November and the deadline to submit is January 22.

If you need to make any last minute changes to your degree, program or module(s), make sure you do so before applying to graduate. You can submit a Degree Module Change Request through our Help Portal. Choose “Other” as your reason and explain that it is your graduating year.

Information about the Dean's Honour List and Graduating with Distinction can be found in the Academic Handbook.

Graduation Checklist

check mark How many credits do you have? A 4-year degree requires 20.0 credits, a 3-year degree requires 15.0 credits, and Scholar's Electives programs require 21.0 credits.
Please count your credits manually if you have taken irregular course loads.
check mark Do not count repeated credits (RNC) or antirequisites (such as overlapping stats courses).
check mark You may count up to 7.0 first year credits.
check mark You need 5.0 first year credits, including 1.0 credit each from Category A and Category B or C.
check mark Before graduation you need at least 1.0 credit from each: Category A, B, and C
check mark You need 2.0 designated essay courses (E or F/G suffix), at least 1.0 of which must be taken at the 2000-level or above.
check mark An overall average of 60%, and a 60% module average in the Specialization, Major or Minors in a BA. Higher averages are needed for BMOS, BSc and for Honours BA programs. You can download a checklist from Your Resource Kit under "Registrations Tools & Checklists.
check mark You need to confirm that you have completed all requirements for your module(s). Refer to the academic calendar to be sure you included courses in the proper number ranges, and that you noticed any footnotes about overlapping courses and/or restricted courses. Contact your Program Advisors if you have questions.
check mark Ensure that the majority of your module is composed of courses taken from main campus course sections.
check mark Double Majors: If you expect a 70% average in both modules with no module course below 60%, you can request to switch to Honours before applying to graduate and then apply for the Honours BA once approved. 

Have you applied to graduate and your Student Center account is showing “No Active Programs”?

This likely means your application has been approved and you will be hearing from the Registrar’s Office soon with details about your convocation ceremony. To be sure, you can view your Grade Report on Student Center to note if your Remarks section shows a “Program Completed” status and convocation month.

Convocation Day

Students will receive guest tickets automatically. For additional/extra tickets, please contact the Dean's Office at They are given out on a first come first serve basis. BMOS students must make their request to the department using the department's help portal.

For more information about the event, retrieving tickets, parking, accessibility, purchasing DVDs, photography, flowers, and what to do if you can't attend, refer to the Office of the Registrar's convocation site. Any questions in regards to the event should be directed to Western Chat.

Some departments will organize graduation photos. Contact your department in advance for more details.