Social Science Academic Counselling

Academic Counsellors will continue to provide online Zoom appointments from Monday to Friday between 10:00 am-12:00 pm and 2:00 pm-4:00 pm. Same day appointments are available if your need is urgent during the exam period.  

To book a Zoom appointment or inquire about an in-person appointment please visit:

Inquiries are always welcome via e-mail:



Important dates:

January 11: Online classes resume [Revised Date]

January 19: Last day to add a first-term half (0.5) or full year (1.0) course [Revised Date]

January 22: Deadline for applications for graduation: In Absentia February Convocation

February 1: Intent to Register period opens

February 2: The following will be available for the Summer 2021 term:

February 13 - February 21: Spring Reading Week

February 16: The following will be available for the Summer 2021 term:

February 21:
In-person classes resume (only applies to courses already designated as in-person)

March 31: Intent to Register period closes

  More Dates & Deadlines





FAQ Limited Enrolment Programs in Social Science

  • Honors Spec in Geog and CAM
  • Honors Spec MOS
  • Honors Maj MOS
  • Honors Spec  Pol (excluding Dem Governance and Global Justice)
  • Honors Spec IR
  • Honors Spec PPE E and P
  • Honors Spec Psych BA and BSc
  • Honors Spec Cog Dev Neuro BSc
  • Honors Spec Soc
  • Honors Spec Crim

Departments may use discretion in considering underlying numeric  grades when admitting students to limited enrolment programs to ensure fairness. Underlying grades will not affect progression or graduation in these programs. Underlying grades will not be considered for admission, progression or graduation in other honors or general programs.

Did you know? Social Science now has: