Social Science Academic Counselling


Registration/enrollment dates:

- student athletes 9:30am starting June 14, 2019
- first year students 9:30 - 6:30pm starting June 15, 2019
- second year students starting July 9 - 12
- third year students starting July 2 - 5
- fourth year students starting June 18 - 21
- Priority lifting day starts 9:30am on July 19
- September 14, 2018 is the last day for late registration.

An email will be sent to your Western email once your enrollment appointment time has been assigned, approximately 2 to 3 days before your Fall/Winter enrollment start date. 

 More Dates & Deadlines


Why can't I register?

Are you in the right year?
  • 3 to 7.5 courses = Year 2
  • 8 to 12.5 courses = Year 3
  • 13 or more courses = Year 4
Do you have the prerequisite?
  • A prerequisite is a required course that must be completed successfully before completing the next course.
Did you check to see which students get access to the course (priority/constraints)?
  • Some courses will say priority to a specific year or only for students in a specific program.
  • Sometimes if the course does not fill by July 19th, they will remove the priority (keep checking back).  Restrictions generally stay in place.
What happens if the course is full?
  • Keep trying to add it through Student Center, someone may drop it.
  • If essential to your module, speak to the program advisor.