Probation & Required to Withdraw

As a Western student, you have made a commitment to your education and professional development. Part of that commitment includes satisfying the minimum requirements to remain in good academic standing so that you may progress in your degree. For more information on what is required to be "In Good Standing", please review our information on progression requirements.

When a student does not meet the minimum progression requirements, they may be put on academic probation, or even required to withdraw from the University for a minimum of 12 months.

Academic Probation

When a student falls below the minimum grade requirements by 5% or less, they have not met the minimum requirements to progress in any degree at Western. Progression Requirements are designed to help students improve their grades over time so that they may attain the required average for graduation, or to enter and continue in an honours module or other specialized programs. Being put on probation gives a student the opportunity to identify their academic challenges and find solutions by reducing their workload and monitoring the student's progress.

If you have been put on probation, you will be notified by the Office of the Registrar. The probation period will begin immediately upon notification and will last until the first adjudication period at which a minimum of 3.0 courses will have been attempted.

Notification is defined as one or more of:

  1. A letter mailed to a student’s home address
  2. An email sent to a student’s official Western email account
  3. A notice posted to your Student Center

Conditions of Probation

Academic Probation is a temporary status (typically 12 months). If you meet the Conditions of Probation listed below, you will be restored to "Good Standing":

  • A student must consult with an academic counsellor in their home faculty before enrolling for courses. (See Mandatory Counselling for more information).
  • A student will be permitted to take a maximum number of 2.0 courses during the Summer sessions and a maximum of 4.0 during the Fall/Winter sessions, and may be advised to take fewer courses.
  • A student on academic probation must achieve an average of at least 60% with no failures, on all courses taken during the probation period.
  • If the conditions of probation have been met and the cumulative average remains below 60%, the probation period will be extended automatically until the first adjudication period at which a minimum of 3.0 courses have been attempted. Failures during the summer portion of an extension of the probationary period will require the student to withdraw for the fall term.
  • A student will be allowed only one period of probation in the time taken to complete a degree; and only one probation extension. A student will be required to withdraw if either the cumulative average or probation conditions are not met during this extended probation period.
  • A student who fails to meet the Conditions of Probation will be required to withdraw from the University for a minimum of 12 months.

Mandatory Counselling

Before enrolling in courses, a student on probation must have their plan and proposed schedule approved by an academic counsellor. Students will submit their plan through our Help Portal by following Dean's Waiver/Probation Plan > Probation Plan and save a proposed timetable in the Draft My Schedule tool.

While drafting your plan and timetable, please review your program/module and keep in mind that you must include any missing first year requirements in your course selection. An academic counsellor will review your submission and confirm if your selection is appropriate for your program/module. In your plan you will be asked to explain why you think you had difficulty meeting the minimum grade requirements, and how you plan to improve your performance. Once the academic counsellor has reviewed your submission, there will be opportunity to discuss your academic goals as well as specific resources that may help you improve your grades. 

Required to Withdraw

A student who has not met the minimum requirements and is not eligible for probation, or has exceeded the maximum number of failed courses (6.0 courses) will be Required to Withdraw from Western for a minimum of 12 months. Students whose academic standing has been jeopordized by serious medical or personal difficulties may apply to the Dean for a Waiver of the Progression Requirements by downloading the application and emailing it to

Students who are returning after being Required to Withdraw, and those who are looking for clarification on why they are being Required to Withdraw, may contact the Academic Counselling Office through our Help Portal.

 If you need support throughout this process, please contact your Ombudsperson.

Applications received before July 3 will have decisions made before August 1. Applications must be made by July 3 or within 15 days of being notified of the RTW status by the Registrar's Office.