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Reaching your goals for success is not only about academic achievement. Learning how to navigate the higher education system is a part of the process. We are here to support you along the way, from planning your degree to avoiding academic penalty when extenuating circumstances arise. For us to help you in a timely manner, we ask that you fill out the appropriate forms and collect documentation before submitting your request. If at any time you need clarification, do not hesitate to connect with us on Live Chat.


Student Medical Certificate

Varsity Commitment

Letter of Permission

Exchange Course Approvals

Examples of Supporting Documentation

Personal health issues: A Student Medical Certificate is the preferred form of documentation, however a letter or form from a physician or licensed health care provider may be accepted as long as it includes relevant dates, limitations caused by the illness or injury, and the estimated duration of the absence.

Serious illness of a family member: A medical certificate or letter from the family member’s physician that includes relevant dates, some detail to explain how the situation impacts your ability to participate academically, and the estimated duration of the absence.

Death of a loved one: Funeral or visitation notices, a death certificate or obituary.

Other extenuating circumstances: Something that confirms the date and how the circumstance impacts your ability to participate academically. If you are not sure what to provide, please contact us for guidance.

NOTE: Submitting a forged document constitutes student misconduct. It is a scholastic offence that will be subject to academic sanctions.

Registration Tools & Checklists

Course Planning

Degree Checklists

Program-Specific Checklists

Student Supports

Policy Excerpts from Western's Academic Handbook

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