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Absence and Academic Considerations
You may be able to avoid academic penalty if you need to miss a class, exam, or an assignment deadline.
Are you ready for exams? Have you checked your schedule? Read more about the Exam Schedule Policy and Study Tips.
Add Drop
Courses may be added and dropped throughout the academic year. Know your dates to avoid academic penalty.
Letter of Permission
A Letter of Permission is required to take courses at another university while remaining a student at Western.
Degree Module Status Change
Are you considering a change to your academic load, degree type, or your declared module?
Find out the process for exchange course approvals after you have been accepted for an Exchange Program.
Students may be placed on probation or required to withdraw if they fail to meet their requirements.
Special Permission
Permission is required to waive a prerequisite, take a course at an affiliate, and to enroll in a course overload.
Unhappy with a grade? Unhappy with a denied accommodation? Find out more about the appeals process.