Exchange Course Permission

After you have been accepted for an Exchange:
Step 1 Visit the website of your host university to find courses of interest.
Step 2 Ensure that the courses you have selected fulfill your degree requirements. You can try the degree planning tool or use a program checklist.  (Note: essay requirements must be completed at Western)
Step 3 Print or save website links of the course descriptions as you will need them when you meet with your program advisor and academic counsellor.
Step 4 Fill in the Exchange Course Approvals form with both the course numbers and course titles. Select extra courses, just in case. You will find this form in Your Resource Kit.
Step 5 Make an appointment with your program advisor to have your module courses equated (see Department Advisors to find your advisor's contact information). Be prepared with the course approvals form and links to course descriptions.
Step 6 Submit your form through our Help Portal.

Please note the following:

  • Your program advisor/academic counsellor will determine the course equivalencies for your module; however, it is your responsibility to select the courses from the host university. Usually you will not be asked to get department approval for electives.
  • If you take the full course load at the host university, you will receive credit for a full course load at Western. For more details on course weight equivalencies at Western, you can look up the university you plan to attend on Western's international experience portal.
  • Book an appointment with a International Learning Coordinator if you have questions about the exchange or the host university.
  • Obtain personal copies of your exchange transcripts in case you decide to apply to any graduate or professional programs.
  • Once your courses have been transferred, you will be able to see them on your Student Center - Academics - Transfer Credit Report.