Scheduling conflicts and multiple exam situations

Do you have an overlap in your exam schedule or a multiple exam situation? If you need to reschedule an exam for any other reason, please visit Absence & Academic Consideration to review your options.

A direct conflict on your exam schedule means that either two exams will take place simultaneously, or your exam is scheduled at the same time as one of your regularly scheduled classes. Please note, your class schedule will always take priority.

If two exams are scheduled at the same time, but one of them is asynchronous, this does not necessarily qualify as a conflict. It will depend how long you have to complete the asynchronous exam and submit it. When reviewing your schedule, take note of the duration of the exam and the deadline to submit. If you can’t find that information, please confirm the details with your course instructor before requesting academic consideration.

Under Western’s Multiple Exam Situation policy, students may request to have one of their exams rescheduled. To qualify for academic consideration under these circumstances, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  3 or more exams/mid-year tests scheduled within 3 consecutive periods or 23 hours;
  4 or more exams/mid-year tests scheduled within 6 consecutive periods or 47 hours; or
  5 or more exams/mid-year tests scheduled within 9 consecutive periods or 71 hours.

Students experiencing direct conflicts and multiple exam situations may request academic consideration to reschedule an exam through our Help Portal.

NOTE: SRAs may not be used for midterms worth more than 30% of the final grade or any final exam.

For more information about these policies, please visit: