Degree, Module & Status Changes

If you are looking to make a change to your degree type, your program(s) and/or module(s), or if you wish to change your academic load from part-time to full-time, you will need to submit a Degree/Module Change Request through our Help Portal. See below for options within Social Science:

  • Degree Type: BA, BSC, or BMOS with options for Honours, 4-year, or 3-year
  • Program/Module Options: Honours Specialization, Specialization, Major, Minor, etc.
  • Academic Load: full-time (3.5 or more course) or part-time (3.0 or less courses)
  • Special Student: Students who already have a degree from Western or another university may enroll under this title to upgrade or take courses out of interest. If at any time a Special Students wants to use their credits toward a degree they will need to make the change to a second degree. 

Students who wish to change their status from full-time to part-time may do so by contacting the Office of the Registrar directly to request it. 

Before you submit your request:

  1. Check the academic calendar to make sure that you meet the program/module requirements for any changes that you request.
  2. If you are reducing your course load to part-time, we advise that you check in with Student Finances to make sure it will not affect your OSAP or any other student funding. For international students, please consult International Student Advising Services to make sure you are still meeting the requirements for your Student Visa.
  3. Don't forget to review your program and module information. Checklists are available in "Your Resource Kit".