Important Steps About Registration

Students in front of SSC

Incoming students:

High School students:

First Year Students:

You will be able to register for courses starting June 6th online through Student Center.  See item 4. below for further instructions or watch the Step by Step Guide to Course Registration video.

First year requirements:

  • 5.0 courses numbered 1000-1999
    • Must include at least four different subjects with no more than 2.0 courses in one subject
    • Must include 1.0 course from category B or category C
    • students are encouraged to take a 1.0 essay (E or F/G) course in first year.

Further information about first year requirements, see:

Upper Year students:

  • Fall/Winter Registration Steps:
    1. Complete your Intent to Register in February to request your program for the upcoming Fall/Winter Session
    2. Check your Grade Report Comments on Student Center in May to see if you are eligible for the program you requested
    3. Check Student Center for your registration appointment time 
      • Registration Appointment time: You can register for your courses any time AFTER this time (except on Priority Lift Dates)
      • Appointment times (between 9:30am - 5:00pm) are assigned in blocks by year in the following order:
        • student athletes (years 2-4) 9:30am starting July 3
        • first year students (including student athletes) 9:30 - 6:30pm starting June 6
        • second year students starting July 20-24
        • third year students starting July 13-17
        • fourth year students starting July 6- 10 
        • First Priority Lift Day is July 29 (no access to registration this date)
        • Second Priority Lift Day is August 5 (no access to registration this date)
        • September 17, 2020 is the last day to add a full courses and first-term half courses
    4. After your appointment time, enroll in your courses on Student Center For course availability, time/location, and constraints (i.e. restrictions or priorities placed on courses), consult the Timetable
    5. If you run into problems, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Or view the youTube video on How to Add a Course.
  • You can select your courses independently.  Refer to the Academic Calendar, Departments/Programs, department advisors and faculty academic counsellors for guidance if necessary.

Students with Advanced Standing
(transfer students other Universities or Colleges, IB students… etc.):

Summer Course Registration:

  1. Activate your student account for the Summer term on Student Center. Activation takes approximately 24-48 hours
  2. Review the Summer Guide for course options, session times, and other important information
  3. Enroll in your courses on Student Center.


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