Course Overload

Course Overload Requests for the Fall/Winter 2022 Session will not be accepted before August 1st. Please submit your requests in early August for the Fall Term.


Since taking a course overload requires additional work, it can create competing priorities and increased stress levels; a course overload is not to be taken lightly. The Academic Counselling Office may give students special permission for an overload to a maximum of a half credit (0.5) in one term, if they have a strong academic record, and are able to demonstrate the capacity to manage their workload well.

A course overload should be considered only in exceptional circumstances. Registration in a maximum load of 5.5 full credits between September and April will be supported, if eligible. Please see below for eligibility criteria for overload consideration and carefully review before submitting your request to ensure you meet the requirements.

Fall Term Overloads - Max of 0.5

  1. Non-Honours students must have a minimum term average of 70% in 5.0 credits from the previous Fall/Winter Term and a 75% average in core courses* in their program. Honours and MOS students must have a term average of 75% in 5.0 credits from the previous Fall/Winter Term and 75% in core courses in their program, with no failed courses. Second year students with AEO status must include final or interim marks in Bus 2257 as a core course, as well as core courses in their program for consideration. First and second year AEO students are advised to have an average of 80% in their current courses in order to be approved for a course overload. 
  2. All students must demonstrate past ability to meet deadlines and the capacity to undertake the additional workload.
  3. If you are not eligible for an overload in first term, you may qualify for one in second term if you can demonstrate in January that you have achieved a term average of 75% on no less than 2.0 credits, which must include any core courses completed and/or interim grades in full year courses. Please review the eligibility criteria for WINTER TERM OVERLOADS.

*Core courses defined as courses required in a student’s program.

Winter Term Overloads - Max of 0.5

  1. Students must have successfully completed/or be enrolled in, no less than 2.0 credits in first term to be considered for a second term course overload. Students registered in full-year courses must present interim grades achieved by the end of the exam period in December.
  2. Students who have taken a reduced course load and/or have dropped a course in first term and request an overload for second term, must make their request in January upon confirmation of first term grades. First term grades on the reduced course load must average 75% or higher in core courses with no failed grades.* Students must present mid-year grades from full-year courses. 
  3. Students who reduce their first-term course load below 2.0 credits are not eligible to request an overload.

*AEO – Students who have AEO Status and drop a first term half course must have a first term average of at least 80% in keeping with the AEO progression requirements.

Additional Overload Considerations

  1. Previous Academic Performance - Academic Counselling will review a student’s eligibility based on a student’s past academic performance and his/her demonstrated ability to handle additional academic work. Meeting the minimum grade requirement for a course overload does not guarantee eligibility for an overload.
  2. Students must demonstrate past ability to meet deadlines and write exams as scheduled, to support their request for the additional workload.
  3. Graduation - Academic Counselling does not approve overloads to meet graduation expectations; the student must meet the eligibility criteria.
  4. AEO students are encouraged to speak with Academic Counselling about overload eligibility prior to reducing their first term course load. AEO status does not guarantee overload approval.
  5. Students may not use a course overload as a basis for a grade appeal on compassionate grounds. If the additional course creates a significant increase in a student’s stress level, or affects a student’s ability to achieve satisfactory grades, it should be dropped by the withdrawal deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to drop a course by the deadline date(s) indicated on the Registrar’s website.

A course overload that is approved for the Fall Term may only be added after August 4th to ensure all students have had equal opportunity to register for their required courses during the summer registration period. Students may view the Student Center - My Academics - View Special Permissions to determine if the request has been approved. If approved, students may go on-line to add the additional course. If an overload is granted for the Fall Term, a student’s additional 0.5 course must be added by the September deadline indicated on the Registrar’s website. If an overload is granted for the Winter Term, a student’s additional 0.5 course must be added by the January deadline indicated on the Registrar’s website.


The workload for the Spring/Summer/Distance Sessions* (i.e., May to August) at this University or any other shall be restricted to a maximum of 2.5 credits. It is recommended that students take no more than 2.0 credits simultaneously. In the case where 2.0 credits are taken simultaneously, only 1.0 of them may be a laboratory course.

Special permission may be granted for a course overload in the spring/summer if the student has an outstanding record. Please be cautious – summer session is a condensed timeframe; course content is heavy, and students are expected to meet timelines and deadlines as required. Students should take into consideration employment and other commitments in the summer before registering for summer courses.

*Summer Evening Session, Distance and Intersession terms run concurrently. A maximum of 2.0 credits is recommended to be taken concurrently during these sessions.