Senior Students (years 2 & above)

Once a student has completed 3.0 credits, they will progress to Year 2 and be eligible to enter a module. Students wishing to enter an Honours programs or any BMOS module should note that they have different requirements for admissions. Check the academic calendar or department websites for more information.

To prepare for registration as a senior student, it is recommended that you start by reading your adjudication comments on your grade report to confirm that you are in the correct program/module and to see if there are any requirements you are missing.

Reading Your Grade Report / Understanding Adjudication Comments

Adjudication is the process by which your academic record is reviewed to determine your eligibility to enter, or to stay, in your chosen module(s). This occurs every May and then again in August for Summer Session students. Once you have been adjudicated, your grade report will be available on Student Center.

To check your grade report with Student Center, go to:
Academics > My Academics > View My Grades > Grade Report tab.
NOTE: your grade report will not be available before June.

You will find the adjudication comments at the bottom of the page where is says "Remarks". Here are some examples of remarks you may see on your report:

Ensure a total of 1.0 course from Category C as a breadth requirement is completed for graduation. Consult Academic Calendar for Category C details.

Eligible to register for requested module(s)/program.

This means the student is eligible to progress in the module(s)/program they requested on their ITR. The student is reminded that they still require the Category C breadth requirements, which can be found on the Academic Calendar. The breadth requirements do not need to be completed immediately, it is simply a reminder that it needs to be done before graduation.

May proceed.

This means the student may continue in their current module(s)/program.

Dept decision-ineligible requested Honors module/program. Missing prereq course(s) for module/program. Review Calendar.

This means the student has not met the minimum requirements to either enter or continue in their chosen module(s)/program. They are asked to review the Academic Calendar for module requirements and compare it to their grade report to see which prerequisite course(s) they are missing.

On Probation. Counselling mandatory prior to enrolment.

This means the student has not satisfied the minimum progression requirements and consequently has been put on academic probation. The student is required to submit a probation plan for approval by an Academic Counsellor before registering for courses as there will be some restrictions. If you have received this note in your remarks, please refer to the information under Probation/Required to Withdraw.

NOTE: If your remarks say that you have been "Required to Withdraw" you will also receive notification from the Office of the Registrar.

The next step is program planning. Taking your adjudication comments into consideration, start mapping out some options for courses. After reviewing the program planning section of our website, for further support you can reach out to our Counsellors through the Help Portal

Students are assigned registration groups according to year of study. Access to registration will begin with first-year students, then moving backward through the senior students (from year 4 downward) to ensure that graduating students will have an early opportunity to enroll in the courses they need to complete their degree requirements. Check Student Center for your registration time. You should receive your registration appointment a few days before the opening date for your registration group. You can find the schedule with registration groups on our home page by May of each year, or you can consult the session dates on the academic calendar.

Once your registration appointment has passed, you can continue to add courses and make changes at any time through Student Center up until the Add Deadline in September. You will find instructions for registration here: Any further questions regarding registration should be directed to the Office of the Registrar through their live chat.

Students who are newly admitted to Western with transfer credits should refer to the section for Transfer Students.

Helpful Hints

Did you forget to fill out your Intent to Register last spring? You can contact our office if you are having trouble accessing the courses you need to take this year. If this is your graduating year, you can submit a Degree/Module Change Request after registration begins in July to request a change in program/module(s) but there may be a delay in accessing courses for registration. NOTE: BMOS Honours Specializations and Honours Specialization Modules in Psychology do not allow for late entry and will only accept eligible students who submit their ITR.

Graduating students are advised to be prepared to register as soon as possible before other students have access to courses. If a course that you need to graduate is full that will not be grounds for special permission to add the course later.

Mid-degree is a good time to start thinking about post-graduate plans, e.g. graduate/professional programs and career trajectory. Consider booking a career appointment with Career Education for help with this process.