2013 Award Winners

Award Ceremony 2013

CAM winner

Chancellor prize winner

Governor General winner

Mary Wright winner

History winner

Marty and winner

Political Science Group

Psychology winner

Sociology winner

History winner

Kelsey Adams - UWO Gold Medal, Women's Studies
Syed Abid Ahmed - The Martin W. Westmacott Award, Political Science
Britney Allen - UWO Gold Medal, Economics
Vybhavi Balasundharam - The Economics Core Course Award
Vybhavi Balasundharam - S. F. Glass Gold Medal, Economics
Pablo Banuelos - UWO Gold Medal, Geography
Evelyn Barake - Mark K. Inman Senior Essay Prize, Economics
Evelyn Barake - UWO Gold Medal, Economics
Dominic Bell - UWO Gold Medal, French
Deborah Boswell - Honors Scholar's Electives Program UWO Gold Medals
Gregory Bush - The BACS Diamond Jubilee Alumni Gold Medal
Gregory Bush - DANCAP Private Equity Graduating Student Award
David Cahill - The Robert LaVerne Eagleson Gold Medal, History
David Cahill - Fred Landon Prize in Canadian History, History
Jessica Chambers - Grad Pact '91 Award
Patrick Chapman - UWO Gold Medal, Int'l Relations
Ding Ding - UWO Gold Medal, MOS
Lesley Donsky - UWO Gold Medal, Sociology
Adam Finzi - Grad Pact '91 Award
Ryan Fisch - The Economics Core Course Award
Ryan Fisch - UWO Gold Medal, Economics
Kayla Gordon - Four year Major UWO Gold Medal, Sociology
David Greenberg - UWO Gold Medal, Film Studies
Caitlin Harvey - Honors Scholar's Electives Program UWO Gold Medal
Priscilla Ho-Tai  - R.B. Liddy Gold Medal, Psychology
Monica Kozycz - S. F. Glass Gold Medal, Political Science
Constantine Lai - UWO Gold Medal, Psychology
Constantine Lai - Chancellor's Prize in Social Science Honors Program
Alexander Little - UWO Gold Medal, Geography
Tianran Lu  - DANCAP Private Equity Graduating Student Award
Jaclyn Ludmer - The W.J. McClelland Award, Psychology
Thomas Kyle Mason - UWO Gold Medal, Geography
Thomas Mason - SIOR, Geography
Charlene Masschelein - UWO Gold Medal, MOS
Michael McHardy - Three year Major UWO Gold Medal
Brian McNamara - UWO Gold Medals, French & History
Rozalind Meek - UWO Gold Medal, MOS
Christine Mitchell - UWO Gold Medal, Geography
Christine Mitchell - National Council For Geographic Education and Association of American Geographers Award
Christine Mitchell - The Canadian Association of Geographers Award
Stacey Mitchell - Four year Specialization UWO Gold Medal, Sociology
Augustine Monteiro - UWO Gold Medals, Comp. Sci. & MOS
Alexis Mulvenna - The Bohuslav Kymlicka Gold Medal, MOS
Alexis Mulvenna - UWO Gold Medal, Psychology
Francine Navarro - UWO Gold Medal, Political Science
Andrew Nevin - UWO Gold Medal, Sociology
Alexander Penchuk - UWO Gold Medal, MOS
Bimadoshka Annya Pucan - UWO Gold Medal, First Nations
Joshua Raisin - UWO Gold Medal, Psychology
Rebecca Ripco - UWO Gold Medal, Sociology
Patrick Sackville - Grad Pact '91 Award
Ashley Santala - UWO Gold Medal, MOS
John Schappert - Chancellor's Prize in Social Science Bachelor Program
Samantha Scott - UWO Gold Medal, MOS
Amanda Shamblaw - The Nancy K. Innis Memorial Award, Psychology
Dhruv Sinha - UWO Gold Medal, Economics
Helen Moriah Sokolowski - The Clark and Mary J. Wright Award, Psychology
Anna Spengen - UWO Gold Medal, Sociology
Sienna Taylor - UWO Gold Medal, Anthropology
Stephan Vogel - The Humphrey Award, Psychology
Erica Whitford - UWO Gold Medal, Women's Studies
    Student Choice Award in Economics 4000E

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