Transfer Students and Advanced Standing (Credits that can be applied to your Western Degree)

Post-Secondary transfer credits

Have you taken university courses or completed a college diploma before attending Western?

Students who have taken post-secondary credit prior to attending Western must disclose this information on the OUAC application form and will be required to submit documentation prior to a final decision on their application. Failure to disclose all post-secondary studies during time of application is considered academic dishonesty and may result in withdrawal from the University.

A final transfer credit assessment will take place with an Academic Counsellor after a student has accepted their offer of admission.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credit assessment varies depending on:

· the courses and curriculum that the student has completed

· the student's scores/grades achieved in that program

· the Western program that the student is entering

· the student's year of entry to Western

Program Admission

The program to which a transfer student is admitted is determined by his/her application, the Admissions Office and the Faculty. Generally, first-year students (those with fewer than 3.0 advanced standing credits) are admitted to Year I, general Social Science, Arts or Science. Senior students (those with 3.0 or more advanced standing credits) are usually admitted to Year II of an unspecified B.A. program. To declare an Honors Specialization, Specialization, or Major Module, you must have permission from the Department and your Faculty. Students interested in entering in DAN Management & Organizational Studies must first complete 5.0 courses at Western with a 70% average.

Information about Admission requirements and transfer credit eligibility can be found here:

Advanced Standing

The Admissions Office will review your transcripts to determine your eligibility for advanced standing. Your advanced standing will appear on your Admission Assessment Form. However, it may be revised to reflect new information (such as final grades) received after the initial assessment. It is your responsibility to check with the Admissions Office at 519-661-2100 for possible changes, which might affect your course selection and degree requirements.

Once you know what your advanced standing is, the Departments and Faculty Counsellors will help you to determine how the credits can be used in your Western degree. For instance, if you are given advanced standing for an introductory Psychology course, it could count as one of your five required first-year courses.

High school transfer credits

High school curriculum/student-type categories include:

· Advanced Placement (AP)

· CEGEP Students

· French Baccalaureate

· General Certificate of Education (GCE) / Advanced Levels

· International Baccalaureate (IB)

Residence Requirement

The majority of the courses required for the module(s) selected must be completed at Western. Transfer students with advanced standing must complete at least 10.0 courses including at least 5.0 senior courses at Western for the 4 year degrees and at least 5.0 senior courses at Western for the 3 year degree.

What is required for your transfer credit assessment?

Detailed course syllabi are required for an assessment to be completed. You may attach a Word or PDF file for each individual course. Please send to An Academic Counsellor will be in touch to discuss your request once this information has been received.

Academic Calendar descriptions are not acceptable for assessment.

Typically, course syllabi can be obtained by contacting the previous institution. Only courses for which we receive syllabi can be assessed for transfer credit.

The information in the detailed course syllabi should include:

· Name of previous institution

· Course number, title and the year completed

· Outline of course objectives

· Detailed outline of the course content

· Hours per week of lecture and/or laboratory, seminar or studio work

· Evaluation method and grading scale

· Textbook list and assigned readings

· Prerequisites, corequisites or exclusions

· Course credit value

It is imperative that you consult a Department Advisor or Academic Counsellor in Social Science before selecting your courses to ensure you are not duplicating courses for which you have been granted credit and to ensure you are meeting program and course prerequisites.