Transfer Students

What is a Transfer Student?

A transfer student has been admitted to Western on the basis of academic performance at another post-secondary institution.

Program Admission

The program to which a transfer student is admitted is determined by his/her application, the Admissions Office and the Faculty. Generally, first-year students (those with fewer than three advanced standing credits) are admitted to Year I, general Social Science, Arts or Science. Senior students (those with three or more advanced standing credits) are usually admitted to Year II of an unspecified B.A. program. To declare an Honors Specialization, Specialization, or Major Module, you must have permission from the Department and your Faculty. Students interested in entering in DAN Management & Organizational Studies must first complete 5.0 courses at Western with a 70% average.

Advanced Standing

The Admissions Office will review your transcripts to determine your eligibility for advanced standing. Your advanced standing will appear on your Admission Assessment Form. However, it may be revised to reflect new information (such as final grades) received after the initial assessment. It is your responsibility to check with the Admissions Office at 519-661-2100 for possible changes which might affect your course selection and degree requirements.

Once you know what your advanced standing is, the Departments and Faculty Counsellors will help you to determine how the credits can be used in your Western degree. For instance, if you are given advanced standing for an introductory Psychology course, it could count as one of your five required first-year courses.

If there is a possibility that the advanced standing credit could count as a principal or module course or satisfy the prerequisite requirement for a course you plan to take here, have the credit evaluated by the appropriate Department before registering. This is especially important for credits awarded in Mathematics, Economics, and Computer Science. Please provide the Department with your transcript showing the course number and a copy of the course description.

e.g.: You wish to pursue a degree with a Major in Psychology. This program requires the equivalent of Psychology 1000 (an introductory course) and a first-year Mathematics course. You were given advanced standing for a Year I Psychology (introductory) course and for a Year I Mathematics course. You should see the Psychology Department for a course evaluation of the Psychology course to ensure the course satisfies the Year I Psychology requirement. Also contact the Mathematics Department for an evaluation of the level of the Mathematics course. Then submit written recommendations from both Departments to the Academic Counselling Office in Room 2105, Social Science Centre, for final approval and future reference. You may FAX or e-mail the information if that is more convenient.

Course Registration

You may register online using the Registrar's Web Site from June until September. Details will be provided by the Registrar’s Office. It is important that you have your advanced standing evaluated before selecting courses that have prerequisites. (If we cannot assess your eligibility, you run the risk of having your courses deleted.) You may select courses that have no prerequisites. There is an in-person Course Selection and Add/Drop period in September. Please have your transcript and documents handy for reference.

Residence Requirement

The majority of the courses required for the module(s) selected must be completed at Western. Transfer students with advanced standing must complete at least 10.0 courses including at least 5.0 senior courses at Western for the 4 year degrees and at least 5.0 senior courses at Western for the 3 year degree.

Specific Information for Transfer Students

At Western, first year courses are numbered 1000-1999. 1.0 courses means a full year course or two half courses. (See course numbering for further details.)

All degrees require 2.0 designated essay courses including one numbered 2000 or higher. These must be taken at Western. (Students with 10.0 advanced standing credits will need only 1.0 essay course at the 2000 level or above.)

All degrees require 1.0 Category B (eg. Arts & Humanities) course and 1.0 Category C (eg. Science) course.

Links to find information you need

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  • Check out Calendar for information for:
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Need Assistance

Drop into the Social Science Academic Counselling Office Room 2105, Social Science Centre or call 519-661-2011.

The Academic Counsellors are available to help you plan your program and to deal with any academic concerns you might have throughout your studies at Western. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.

Please review the UWO Academic Calendar carefully before selecting your courses or seeking counselling. The Calendar and Timetable are on the web.