Affiliated Courses

Note: Special permission online forms are temporarily disabled. Please go to the Academic Counselling Office to inquire about obtaining special permission.  Counsellors will see students on a walk-in basis each weekday from  10:00am - noon & 2:00pm - 4:00pm (Room 2105).


Social Science students are expected to take their courses at Main Campus.  Social Science students may take a course at the Affiliates ONLY if that same course is not offered at Main Campus.

On occasion, students may take a maximum of 1.0 course per session at an Affiliate as follows:

  1. If the course is not offered on campus, no special permission is required, unless indicated in the Course Notes in the Undergraduate Timetable:

    • "Main campus students require home faculty permission” indicates that you must receive special permission from the Social Science Academic Counselling Office before being allowed to enroll in the Affiliate course.

    • "Restricted to students registered at an affiliated college” indicates that this course is being reserved for affiliate students. You will require permission first from the Affiliate, and secondly from the Social Science Academic Counselling Office.

  2. If the course is offered on campus but is full, check periodically because students are making changes on a daily basis. If you are still not able to register by August 20th, you can consult the Academic Counselling Office for further advice.
    Remember, in most cases you may take a maximum of 1.0 course at an Affiliate.

Please note: different rules apply if you are registered in a module not offered on Main Campus.  Consult the Social Science Academic Counselling Office for more information.