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Mandatory Counselling

About Your Academic Counselling Consultation:

To prepare for your consultation, please review your program and choose courses that you would like to take next year. Keep in mind that you must include any missing first year requirements in your program before taking a full load of senior courses. The Academic Counsellor will review your progress toward your degree and confirm that your selection is appropriate for your program.

Before you talk to the Counsellor, it is important to think about why your average last session was less than the standard for progression "in good standing." How might any difficulties encountered last year be addressed? You can discuss your academic goals and your plans for improving your performance in the future with the Academic Counsellor. If appropriate, the Counsellor may refer you to other campus contents, such as the Student Development Centre (SDC), for help with specific concerns, including study skills, personal issues, or career information.

Check out Program Planning, SDC and/or Having Problems for more information.

Arranging Your Academic Counselling Consultation

To consult an academic counsellor, you have several choices: