Important Information

A. Revised Letters of Permission

Your Letter of Permission is valid only for the session indicated and for the number of courses and the specific courses approved. If you register for different courses, contact the Academic Counselling Office immediately by mail or fax to request a revised L of P.  There is no charge for revising courses or a L of P. However, you need a new L or P to attend a different session. Students attending other schools without a valid L of P normally have to apply for readmission to Western and there is no guarantee of transfer credit.

B. Notice of cancellation or withdrawal

Before classes begin:
If you decide not to attend the university, you must call (519-661-2011) or fax (519-661-3384) the Academic Counselling Office to cancel your L of P.

After classes begin:
If you decide to drop the course or the course gets cancelled, you must submit to our Registrar's Office written confirmation from the host university indicating that you didn't register or that you withdrew on a specific date.

If you withdraw without penalty, the course(s) will normally be shown as "WDN" on your U.W.O. academic record. Late withdrawals (including WF at Athabasca) will be recorded as failures on your U.W.O. transcript and will be included in your average. The Letter of Permission fee is not refundable.

You must provide notice or a failing grade will be recorded.

C. Send a transcript of your results to Western

It is your responsibility to have the host university forward an official transcript of your grades to our Registrar's Office.  Place your order as soon as you are registered so that you don't forget. If a transcript is not received at U.W.O., the course(s) will be recorded as a failure on your academic record. This could affect your eligibility for further registration here or delay your fraduation.

D. Transfer of credit(s) and grades

An approved course will be credited toward your degree. The grade will be recorded as a numeric value and converted using the OMSAS (Ontario Medical Schools Application content) conversion table or other conversion scale used by Western.  Grades will be included in your average.  Failures including late withdrawals will also be recorded and included in your average.

Course credit will be granted equal in value to the course weight assigned by the host institution.  For the purpose of future registration, course content covered on a transfer of credit basis may serve as either pre-or antirequisite, as determined by the Dean of the Faculty in which the student is registered.

Notes: If you wish to appeal a grade, contact the host university directly. The policy on determining eligibility for Dean's Honor List and "With Distinction" is outlined in the Academic Calendar.

E. Graduation

If you have a L of P to take the final course of your program and you want to graduate, you must apply for graduation on the web ( at the appropriate time and ensure that the Registrar's Office receives your official transcript by the deadline.  Otherwise, you must reapply to graduate at the next convocation.  Normally, students attending in the winter will not graduate until the Fall Convocation.  Spring (June) Convocation,  apply between Dec 1 - Mar. 1 (transcript deadline - May 15).  Fall (Oct) Convocation, apply July 1 - Sept. 1 (transcript deadline - Oct. 1).