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Grad caps

Apply to graduate online at by April 30.

I just completed all my required courses successfully to graduate.  What happens now?

Congratulations!! Once all the grades are in from your professors, Western has to complete the adjudication process. They will be checking each student’s record to make sure you have met all requirements for your degree.

To make sure adjudication was successful, log on to Student Center. Under the Academic tab, select View My Grades. You will see all your final grades. Select the tab at the top titled Grade Report. In the Remarks section at the bottom of this screen, it will say whether you are to proceed to graduate.

Get ready to convocate!

           2017 Spring Convocation
              June 13 at 10:00am: Faculty of Social Science - BA Honors, BSc Honors programs, Diplomas and Certificates (except BMOS)
              June 13 at 10:00am: Faculty of Social Science - School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studie
              June 14 at 10:00am: Faculty of Social Science - BMOS and Diploma in Accounting
              June 14 at 3:00pm: Faculty of Social Science - 3 yr and 4 yr, excluding Honors and BMOS

2018 Autumn Convocation
      October 27 at 3:00pm: Faculty of Social Science (undergraduate degrees)

More information about parking, accessibility, purchasing DVDs, photography, flowers, or not being able to attend, refer to Western’s Convocation website.

Extra Tickets:

Most students will receive 4 tickets automatically.  Exceptions to this are students from King’s University College and the Faculty of Education (each student from these areas will receive 2 tickets automatically).  For additional/extra tickets, please contact the Dean's Office at  For BMOS students contact the BMOS office at