Typical Errors to Avoid

These are the most common errors that can happen. You will want to make certain to rectify these problems immediately.

  • Taking more than 1.0 course per year at an Affiliated College (Huron, King's, Brescia)

  • Taking senior courses (numbered 2000 or above) in first year

  • Taking too many courses in one subject

  • Taking inappropriate 2000-2999 levels (see the specific numbers needed for your module)

  • Taking too many first year courses (max 7.0)

  • Missing the Category B (eg. Arts) or Category C (eg. Science) requirements

  • Missing the essay requirements

  • Missing prerequisites for courses you are adding

  • Taking two courses that are antirequisites (e.g. 2.0 statistics courses that can't both be counted in your program)

  • Overloading (max 5 per term)

  • Forgetting to drop second term courses if you did not complete the prerequisite