Science Requirement

Many of the following courses are courses Social Science students take to fulfil their Science requirement.  Check your program to see whether you need a specific course.  For example in Psychology you have to take first year Math (Math and Stats) to satisfy most module requirements.  You must also check the prerequisites and antirequisites in the calendar to be sure you are eligible for the course.

Note that some of the courses are not sufficient to prepare you for senior level courses in the same subject.  You can tell by reviewing the course description and the prerequisites of senior courses.*

Detailed sample course outlines are on file in the Academic Counselling Office.

Senior Level Courses


  • Actuarial Science 2053
  • Astronomy 2021A/B*, 2022A/B* (antirequisite Earth Sciences 1086F/G)
  • Biology 2001A/B*
  • Earth Science 2123A/B* (antirequisite Earth Science 1023A/B, Former 085a/b)
  • History of Science 2151F/G, 2200E*, 2220
  • Physics 2032A/B*, 2065A/B*, 2070A/B*
  • Statistical Science 2037A/B* (Note: Antirequisite courses)

* Courses which require no previous science background.