Progression Requirements

Progression requirements establish the minimum requirements for a student to continue at the University but the expectation is that a student will aspire to excellence and seek to achieve results well above the minimum requirements for his/her programs.

Level 1 Progression (you have attempted 7.5 courses)
In Good Standing ≥ 55%
On Probation 50 - 54%
Required to Withdraw < 50%
Level 2 Progression (you have attempted 8 or more courses)
In Good Standing ≥ 60%
On Probation 55 - 59%
Required to Withdraw < 55%
BMOS Specializations 65% cumulative average
Re-entering BMOS 70% on last 5.0 and 65% cumulative average
High Standing Academics
Honors Progression 70% or higher in limited enrolment programs
Dean's Honor List 80%
Graduation With Distinction 80% cumulative average;
no mark less than 70%

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