How to Submit your ITR

At any time during this process you can go back to make changes by clicking on the back option in your browser.

REMEMBER, you can submit your ITR as many times as you like before the deadline. If you make a mistake, or change your mind, you can correct it by submitting a new ITR. The last submission will be your official ITR. 

To begin, LOG IN to Student Center

Under "Western Links" on the right side of the screen, select "Complete My Intent to Register".


STEP 1 - SELECT your "intended course load for Fall/Winter"

This will set your Academic Status to Full-Time or Part-Time. Click "Continue".

Choosing part-time or full-time academic status

STEP 2 - REVIEW your current program

CLICK "Continue in Current Program" to stay in your current program/module.
OR change your program/module by selecting the faculty or affiliated university college from the drop down menu.

NOTE: If you choose "Continue in Current Program", you will have the option to select an alternative 2nd choice.

FIRST YEAR STUDENTS: You do NOT have the option to "Continue in Current Program".
Proceed to change your program by selecting your preferred faculty or affiliated university college.

Display Current Program

STEPS 3 to 5 - FOLLOW THESE STEPS for changing programs/modules

Follow these same steps to "Select 2nd Choice". 

Choosing Degree Type


CHOOSE the type of Degree you want to pursue: BA, BSc, BMOS, Special Student or Undeclared.
FIRST YEAR STUDENTS: If you are still undecided, you can choose "Undeclared".

Selecting a Module


SPECIFY your Degree/Program: Honors BSc, Honors BA, BA (4-year), BA (3-year), Honors BMOS, BMOS (4-year).

SELECT a Module or Module Combination. 

The modules available to you will depend on your Degree/Program selection. Please refer to the program/module information to make sure you meet the minimum requirements. If you are have any questions, contact the Department Program Advisor.  


Specify module or module combination


SPECIFY your Module or Module Combination.

Based on your selection in the previous STEP, you will now specify the subject area for the Module or Module Combination. You may be specifying a Specialization and/or Majors and Minors. 


Review your selection and click "Confirm" to submit.

NOTE: If you have chosen a module combination, make sure that your module courses do not overlap. If you have any overlaps, you need to contact the Department Program Advisors to see if the overlap is permitted.

To finish, click "Exit Intent to Register"

At this point, you can exit Intent to Register or you can "Select 2nd choice". If you click on "Select 2nd choice", go back to STEP 3 and follow the steps to complete the process.