Frequently Asked Questions

General Program and Degree Questions

What are the essential modules for 3 year or 4 year degrees?

What are the rules for combining modules?

Generally, module combinations other than those outlined in the “Approved Module Combinations for degrees” have not been approved and, consequently, may not be taken.

Unless otherwise stated, you cannot count a course towards more than one module.  If modules require the same course, consult the departments to see how to resolve the overlap.

What is an antirequisite?

Courses that overlap sufficiently in course content that both cannot be taken for credit.

How do I calculate what year I am in?

  • 3 to 7.5 = Year 2
  • 8 to 12.5 = Year 3
  • 13 or more = Year 4

Do you have at least one course from each Category?

For more information, see the Current Western Academic Calendar.

Have you completed the requirements for first year?

5.0 courses including one from either category B or C

See our Checklists to help you plan.

Can you take senior courses if you fail a first year course?

You can take senior courses only if you are replacing the first year course at the same time.

Can you repeat a course?

Yes, both marks are on your record but only the second mark counts.

Form more information, see the Current Western Academic Calendar.

What is the maximum number of first year courses allowed?

The maximum number of first year courses is 7.0

For more information, see the Current Western Academic Calendar.

What are the minimum requirements for admission to honors?

Complete first year (5.0 courses); B average in required courses; no mark less than 60%.

For more information, please see the Current Western Academic Calendar.

What modules are offered in Social Science?

Click here for our complete list of modules.

What are designated essay courses? Do they have to be taken at Western?

E or F/G are designated essay courses that have to be taken at Western.

For more information, please see the Current Western Academic Calendar.

How many courses can you take in the same subject?

No more than 2.0 in your first year. For a 3 year degree, no more than 9; for a 4 year degree, no more than 14.

For more information, see the Current Western Academic Calendar.

How many courses can you take in each term?

5.0 courses per term.

For more information, see the Current Western Academic Calendar.

How many courses do you have to take to be eligible for a scholarship or the Dean's Honor List?

Full-time students who have completed 4.0 courses with an 80% average are on the Dean's Honor List. Full-time students with an 80% average on 5.0 courses may be considered for scholarships.

How many courses can you take at the Affiliated Colleges?

Only 1.0 per year and only if the course is not offered on main campus.

What is the grading system?

For more information, see the Current Western Academic Calendar.

What do I need to pass?

All grades below 50% are considered failed grades.  To remain in goodstanding at Western you need a 55% average in first year and 60% in second year. You need higher marks for some programs.

How do I figure out the course numbering system?

  • 0001 - 0999   Pre-University level introductory courses
  • 1000 - 1999     Year 1 undergraduate courses
  • 2000 - 4999 Senior-level undergraduate courses

* These courses are equivalent to pre-university introductory courses and may be counted for credit in the student's record, unless these courses were taken in a preliminary year.

Special Permission Specific Questions

I want to register for a course but I don’t have the prerequisite. What can I do?

You request a Special Permission from the department offering the course. Some departments do not consider requests for special permissions between June 1 and September 1.

To confirm your Special Permission has been processed, check the Student Center, go to the link for "Academic Record", and click on "View Special Permissions".

Note: After receiving permission you may be able to add the course yourself.  If not, contact the Registrar through live chat ( and ask them to manually add the course.  

How can I get a course overload for next term?

The Academic Counselling Office may give you special permission for an overload (5.5 or 6.0 courses) if you have a strong academic record. More information on Course Overloads.

How can I get permission to take a course at an affiliate college?

Social Science students are expected to take their principal courses at Main Campus. Courses offered at Main Campus should be given priority when planning your academic timetable. On occasion, students may take a maximum of 1.0 course at an Affiliate with special permission. More information on Affliate Special Permissions

Dates & Deadlines Specific Questions

I am arranging travel plans during the examination period and need to know when my examinations will take place. Can you let me know when my examinations are scheduled?

The official final exam schedule is posted on the Registrar's website.

To view your personal exam schedule, log on to Student Services.  Final exams for half courses are listed along with some, but not all, mid-year tests for full courses.

Program Planning Tool Specific Questions

I have checked my Program Plan Tip Tool online and it indicates that I have not met some course requirements but an Academic Counsellor had confirmed that I had fulfilled the course/program requirements. Why is there a contradiction to the Program Planning Tool?

The automated Program Planning Tip Tool checks are unable to recognize the following situations:

  • Special Permissions from Departments for course substitutions or permission to register in a course without the prerequisite
  • courses that have been transferred from another university
  • repeated courses or anti-requisites

In the case of conflicting assessments, view Special Permissions in the Student Center under Academic Records for any special permissions and, if in doubt, consult an Academic Counsellor.

Grade Appeal Specific Questions

How do I appeal a final grade in a course?

You must make your appeal to the instructor of the course first. See Student Appeals.

Contact Questions

Under what circumstances would I consult with my professor?

  1. When you have specific questions about the course you are taking.
  2. Always inform your professor ahead of time if you will be late with any assignments or will miss tests, labs, tutorials, and check the course outlines concerning accommodation instructions.

Under what circumstances would I meet with a department academic advisor or undergraduate chair?

  1. When you have questions concerning a specific course or the program you are registered in.
  2. When you require special permission for a course substitution offered by the relevant department or you would like to register for a course without the prerequisite.
  3. When you have a course overlap in your modules.
  4. When you require approval to add or drop a course during the paper Add/Drop period.

Under what circumstances would I meet with a Social Science Academic Counsellor?

  1. When you need a final approval from the Social Science Counselling Office on your paper Add/Drop, on a special permission* form, or Letter of Permission form.
  2. When you require academic accommodation because of medical or compassionate grounds for a missed final examination or require extensions at the end of the year.
  3. When you have been placed “On Probation” and need course approval and mid-term consultation.
  4. When you are a transfer student with advanced standing credits.
  5. When you have been Readmitted after being Required to Withdraw.
  6. When you have concerns about your program requirements for graduation.
  7. When you need assistance with the interpretation of academic policies and procedures.

How can I make an appointment with a Social Science Academic Counsellor?

Check back for update the week of September 6, 2021.

ITR Specific Questions

What if I change my mind after I submitted?

You will be able to submit or revise your ITR online until March 31 (extended to April 30, 2020, due to COVID19).

What if I don't submit my ITR?

We will assume you plan to continue in the same program.  If you plan to change programs and you missed the ITR deadline, complete the Degree/Module Change Request. It is mandatory for current first year students to complete the ITR. Upper year students can complete the ITR if there will be change in their preference. If they are just continuing in the same, they do not need to complete the ITR.

How will I know if I am eligible for the program I select at Intent to Register?

After your marks are reviewed by the department in May, your report comment will indicate whether you were eligible for the program you requested.  To see these comments, log on to Student Center, under My Academic, choose View My Grades. Select the tab marked Grade Report and change the select term.  Read the Remarks at the bottom of the grade report box.

Do I select my courses now?

No. You must select your program now and select your courses in the summer.

I am a returning student who left in good standing and have not attended another academic institution since leaving Western. How do I complete the Intent to Register so I can take courses in September?

Check your eligibility for the degree and module that you want in the Academic Calendar online at

Request for Degree/Module Change Form

Note: You must have the appropriate course and mark requirements for the program that you are requesting.

I want to complete my second Western degree. How do I submit my Intent to Register so I can take courses in September?

Check your eligibility for the degree and module you want in the Academic Calendar online. Complete and fax the Request for Degree/Module Change Request to the Academic Counselling Office. All requests for second degrees must be approved by the Social Science Academic Counselling Office.

I had completed my Intent to Register, however, I want to change my status (part-time to full-time or full-time to part-time), how can I do this?

Request for Degree/Module Change Request

Note: You must be academically eligible to continue as a full-time student (view Student Center for Report Comments at the end of May or beginning of June).

How do I confirm that I have been placed in the module(s) requested on my Intent to Register?

At the end of May or beginning of June check the Student Center by selecting “Academic Records” and “View Academic Report”.