Course Overloads

Note: Please check back in mid-June when course registration begins to submit your request for a course overload. Please read below for information on eligibility.


The normal full time course load is 5.0 courses, balanced over the two terms so that you are attending no more than 5.0 courses in each term. The Academic Counselling Office may give you special permission for an overload (5.5 or 6.0 courses) if you have a strong academic record.  Distance Studies allows a maximum of 3.0 courses, and can be combined with day or evening.

Non-Honors students must have a term average of 70% in 5.0 courses, and Honors and MOS students must have a term average of 75% in 5.0 courses, with no failed courses.

If you are not eligible for an overload in first term, you may qualify for one in second term if you can show us in December that your term grades are in the 75% range.  Please consult the Academic Counselling Office for more information.

Extra courses may only be added during extended web registration starting August 21st.  You may then check the Student Center - My Academics - View Special Permissions to determine if your request has been approved. If so, you can go on-line and add your courses. During on-line registration, submit the form below to request special permission to overload.  During the paper form add/drop periods, add the extra course and get permission from the Academic Counselling Office when you submit the paper form, provided you meet the above average requirements.


  1. Maximum of 2.5 courses
  2. No more than 2.0 courses may be taken simultaneously
  3. If 2.0 courses are taken simultaneously, only 1.0 course may be an honors or laboratory/tutorial course (does not apply to distance studies courses).

Special permissions can be considered for summer overloads if you have an outstanding record. But, we recommend caution. The courses are already condensed. One Summer Evening course should keep you busy if you are working.