Failed Year

Procedures for completing a Waiver of the Progression Requirements (DEADLINE IS JUNE 30). Click here for BMOS Waiver of Progression Requirements.

In your petition letter, you must address all of the following questions:

  • What were the extenuating circumstances which contributed most significantly to your poor academic performance.) When did the problem(s) arise? Appropriate supporting documentation (eg. medical note from a doctor to document problems, or a letter from a family member or close personal friend to support compassionate grounds) must be submitted with the petition. If you need more information regarding the submission of appropriate documentation, please contact the Dean's Office.
    1. What attempts did you make at the time you were encountering problems that affected your academic performance to contact your instructors, Academic Counsellors, the staff in Student Development Centre (Learning Skills Counsellors), the Ombudsperson, or Student Health contents?
    2. What academic accommodation did you request at the time you were experiencing major problems that were affecting your academic performance?
    3. What steps did you take to minimize the impact on your academic work of the difficulties that you were encountering?
    4. Approximately what percentage of classes did you attend in each course?
    5. What assignments/tests/labs/quizzes/exams did you complete in each course?
    6. Please record the grades you received for assignments/labs/tests/quizzes/exams, etc in each course. If you failed to complete all the course requirements, explain and provide reasons.
    7. Please list the final grade earned in each course in which you were registered during the past academic year.
  • Why do you think you would be successful in University-level academic studies, if your petition was granted?
  • What are your academic goals?
    • What is your long-term degree/program objective?
    • In what specific program do you wish to register during the coming year?
    • What specific courses do you wish to take during the coming year?

NOTE: Do not list courses or programs for which you are not currently eligible. You must check the prerequisites for the program and courses you wish to take.