• Personal Illness: If you consult Student Health contents regarding your illness or personal problem, you should request a Student Medical Certificate from the physician.   Once your documentation has been assessed, the academic counsellor will inform your instructor that academic accommodation is warranted.
  • If you were seen by an off-campus doctor, obtain a certificate from his/her office at the time of your visit. The off-campus medical certificate form must be used.  The doctor must provide verification of the severity of the illness for the period in question. Notes stating "For Medical Reasons" are not considered sufficient.
  • In Case of Serious Illness of a Family Member: Obtain a medical certificate from the family member's physician.
  • In Case of a Death: Obtain a copy of the newspaper notice, death certificate or documentation provided by the funeral director.
  • For Other Extenuating Circumstances: If you are not sure what documentation to provide, ask an Academic Counsellor.

Note: Forged notes and certificates will be dealt with severely. To submit a forged document is a scholastic offense and you will be subject to academic sanctions.