What to expect for Fall 2021

Social Science is pleased to be welcome students back to campus for September 2021. This year, our Departments will be offering a variety of courses in-person, online, and in a blended format. 

Students can expect to write examinations for in-person and blended courses in-person and on campus. Only those courses offered exclusively online will be able to facilitate online examinations.  

If you are a student with a medical condition that prevents you from studying in-person, and you are not able to access your required courses online, please check in with Accessible Education to discuss next steps: http://academicsupport.uwo.ca/accessible_education/index.html.

Late International Student Arrivals

International students who expect to arrive late to campus (e.g. after September 16th, but within a few days of this date) need not worry. Catching up on missed work after a short absence and before the add date will be manageable. If there are class components missed in this short time frame, please plan to use the Student Reported Absence tool to assist you. To learn more about the process and eligibility, please visit this link: https://www.registrar.uwo.ca/academics/academic_considerations/self_reported_absences_faqs.html. Please be aware that catching up on missed course components after a short absence will be your responsibility.   

International students, who expect their absence to run into the end of September or the beginning of October or beyond, are advised to select courses offered online in the first term. We understand this may not be feasible for all classes and so course planning may need to be adjusted to accommodate longer absences. Some suggestions we have made to students in this case include:

  • Focusing on electives in first term, since electives often allow for more flexibility and broadens your online choices
  • Taking breadth and/or essay course requirements in first term that are offered online – these courses are required for all undergraduates in Social Science
  • Requesting a Letter of Permission, which allows Western students to take courses at another university, assuming approval is granted and eligibility requirements are met e.g. you must be a student in YR 2 or above to qualify, and be in good academic standing
  • Reducing your course load in first term, if permitted, or taking a Leave of Absence – please check in with Western International to discuss your eligibility before making a decision on this option 

Regretfully, Social Science is not able to offer academic consideration for longer absences; nor can our professors offer online options for courses offered in blended or in-person formats. A successful start to your academic year is important and we urge you to consider the options noted above to facilitate longer absences. Our hope is that this will make your first-term transition as smooth as possible while avoiding the disadvantages that might result from a late start to the year.  

Please visit Western’s Timetable for Fall/Winter 2021-2022 to search for courses offered exclusively online: https://studentservices.uwo.ca/secure/timetables/mastertt/ttindex.cfmWhen you visit this site, please set the Course Delivery Type filter to Distance Studies/Online. 

We are here to help! Our Departmental Advisors can assist you with questions about online courses and access.  Please see this link for their contact information: https://counselling.ssc.uwo.ca/connect/department_advisors.html.

Other inquires should be submitted through our Social Science Academic Counselling Help Portal, which can be found on our home page: https://counselling.ssc.uwo.ca/.

Please direct any questions you might have about student VISA’s/study permits to the International & Exchange Student Centre: https://www.uwo.ca/international/iesc/.