About Us

The Social Science Centre

The Academic Counselling office is available to Social Science undergraduate students. A Counsellor can assist students to identify their areas of difficulty and develop strategies to improve their academic performance. Our Counsellors have in-depth knowledge of Western’s policies and procedures, and are able to assist with the following:

  • Guidance about program planning and degree/module choices
  • Accommodation for missed course work (assignments or exams)
  • Special permission (i.e. course overloads, affiliate requests)
  • Interpretation of policies, academic regulations, and procedures
  • Degree (module) change requests, including withdrawal from the University, transfer from another Faculty
  • Advice about progression requirements including On Probation and Dean's Waiver counselling
  • Referrals to services on campus.

Our academic counsellors work closely with students and value students’ privacy. Counsellors will discuss student matters with the student. A special request would have to come from the student to discuss a specific situation with parents.

Email us at ssaco@uwo.ca for an appointment.