Scholar's Elective Themes

Social Science Faculty Advisors for Scholar's Electives Program

You are welcome to consult with these professors informally about your areas of interest.

email address
Areas of Interest
Professor Riley Hinson Psychology SSC 7308
661-2111, ext. 84649
Drugs in Society
Other Areas of Interest
Health, Aging & Social Policy
Professor Ken McRae Psychology SSC 7332
661-2111, ext. 84688
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Neuroscience
Neural Network Modeling
Professor Andrew Nelson Anthropology SSC 3312
661-2111, ext. 85101
Human Evolution
Latin American Studies
Professor Andres Perez Political Science SSC 5154
Development Studies
Professor Roderic Beaujot Sociology SSC 5403
Development Studies
Canadian Studies
The Family
Human Population
Health, Aging & Social Policy
Population Studies & Demography
Professor A. Kim Clark Anthropology SSC 3412
661-2111, ext. 85090
Development Studies
Latin American Studies
Professor Peter Cain Psychology SSC 9232
661-2011, ext. 84628
Behavioural Neuroscience
Professor Natalie Allen Psychology SSC 8412
Organizational Behaviour
Professor Brian Timney Psychology SSC 6224
661-2111, ext. 84958
Visual Acuity in horses
Professor Regna Darnell Anthropology/
First Nations Studies
SSC 3329
661-2111, ext. 85087
Social & Political Thought
Other Areas of Interest
Performing Arts Studies
Anthro. of Performance
Anthropological Poetics
Qualitative Methods
First Nations
History of Social Sciences
Philosophy of Social
Construction of Identity
Language & Culture
Professor Richard Vernon Poltical Science SSC 4162
661-2111, ext. 85161
Social & Political Thought
International Relations
Professor Jonathan Vance History SSC 4322
661-2111, ext. 84974
Canadian Studies
Professor John Meyer Psychology SSC 8411
Other Areas of Interest
Psychology; Industrial and Organizational Psychology; Organizational Behaviour
Professor Chet Creider Anthropology SSC 3430
661-2111, ext. 85074
Professor Christopher Ellis Anthropology SSC 3409
661-2111, ext. 85081
Professor Milford Green Geography SSC 2415
661-2111, ext. 85025
Organizational Behaviour
Professor Kul Bhatia Economics SSC 4166
Other Areas of Interest Public Economics
Migration and employment in developing countries
Professor Terry Sicular Economics SSC 4015
661-2111, ext. 85292
Development Studies
Other Areas of Interest

Chinese Studies, Poverty and Inequality
Professor Gary B. Rollman Psychology SSC 7302
Cognitive Neuroscience
Other Areas of Interest

Human Perception
Professor Ingrid Connidis Sociology WR 189
Health, Aging & Social Policy
Family ties
Professor Luz Maria Hernandez-Saenz History SSC 4402
661-2111, ext. 84978
Latin-American Studies
Professor Don Abelson Political Science SSC 4144
661-2111, ext.85167
International Relations
Professor James Cote Sociology SSC 5401
661-2111, ext. 85118
Sociology of Youth,
Identity Formation, Education,
Work Transition,
Mass Society
Professor Brock Millman History SSC 4323
661-2111 x84975
1st World War history,
military history,
20th Century International relations.