Conditions of Probation

On Probation - a student who does not satisfy the minimum progression requirements for continuation of study at Western but who will be allowed to continue at the University under Conditions of Probation:

• A student must seek the advice of the Academic Counsellor(s) in his/her faculty.
• A student will be permitted to take a maximum number of 2.0 courses during the Summer sessions and a maximum of 4.0 during the Fall/Winter sessions, and may be advised to take fewer courses.
• Academic probation will begin immediately upon official notification from the Office of the Registrar, and will last until the first adjudication period at which a minimum of 3.0 courses have been attempted.

Notification is defined as one or more of:

1) A letter mailed to a student’s home address;
2) An email sent to a student’s official Western email account;
3) A notice posted to the Student Centre where student grades are posted.

• A student on academic probation must achieve an average of at least 60% with no failures, on all courses taken during the probation period.
• If the conditions of probation have been met and the cumulative average remains below 60%, the probation period will be extended automatically until the first adjudication period at which a minimum of 3.0 courses have been attempted. Failures during the summer portion of an extension of the probationary period will require the student to withdraw for the fall term.
• A student will be allowed only one period of probation in the time taken to complete a degree; and only one probation extension. A student will be required to withdraw if either the cumulative average or probation conditions are not met during this extended probation period.
• A student who fails to meet the Conditions of Probation will be required to withdraw from the University for a minimum of twelve months.