Plan ahead

Please allow about two weeks for processing your Letter of Permission.For Spring/Summer session, please submit your request by mid-March to ensure you can register by the host university's deadline.

Contact the host university

Ask about the application deadlines and fees, the registration procedures and add/drop deadlines for visiting students. See if an official UWO transcript is required. Obtain descriptions of courses being offered. You might find the Canadian Universities web site and our tips about other universities helpful.

Complete the Request Form

Fill in all areas except"Exact UWO Equivalent", "Substitute for UWO Courses" and "Dept Appr". List alternative course choices, if possible. Complete the form carefully to avoid delays in obtaining approval.

Click here for the "Request for a Letter of Permission" form.

On campus students:

Have principal courses equated by the department. Take your form and course descriptions to the Department to equate any principal courses (not options). For example, Economics students should have Economics courses equated.

Submit Documents to Academic Counselling

Submit the form and course descriptions to the Academic Counselling Office, 2105 SSC. If you are in first year, you may be asked to provide verification of term marks.You will be given a date to return to pick up the completed form.

Submit Approved form to the Registrar's Office

Submit the approved form to the Registrar's Office (Room 2140 Western Student Services). The L of P processing fee (non-refundable) will be billed to your account for that term.  Check your tuition account online to pay.

Off campus students:

Mail or Fax the form and course descriptions to the Social Science Academic Counselling Office, 2105 SSC.

The Registrar's Office will prepare your official Letter of Permission and forward it according to your processing instructions. (Exception: If you are attending U of T, you must pick up the official L of P from the Registrar's Office in a few days and submit it yourself or request that it be faxed to the appropriate U of T campus.) Faxing the Letter of Permission is available on receipt of an additional fee. (Be sure to provide host university's fax number.) Only if necessary, order a UWO transcript from the Registrar's Office. For transcript details, call 661-2106 or check  The Board of Governors reserves the right to amend fees after this information is posted. Students who don't pay the processing fee will be subject to financial and academic penalties.

Register in the approved courses at the host university

Make arrangements to pay your fees (apply for OSAP, etc.) at the host university. Order a transcript from the host university to be sent to our Registrar's Office when your final grades are available.