Undergraduate Department Advisors

American Studies

Room 2226, LWH (History Dept.)
Tel: 519 661-3645
Program Director: Laurel Shire lshire@uwo.ca  84991


Tel: 519 661-3430
Room 3326 SSC
Prof. Andrew Walsh  awalsh33@uwo.ca, Ext. 85092
Program Advisor: Laura Cousins lcousin3@uwo.ca, Ext. 83430

Commercial Aviation Management

Tel: 519 661-2053
Dr. Joan Finegan, finegan@uwo.ca, ext. 82053, Room 9438


See Sociology below


Room 4075, SSC
Tel: 519 661-3500
Undergraduate Chair: Prof. Greg Pavlov gpavlov@uwo.ca, x86786
Program Advisor:  Gary Kim gkim23@uwo.ca, x83507

First Nations Studies

Rooms 3207, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2111, ext. 86429
Director: Dr. Janice Forsyth,  janice.forsyth@uwo.ca


Room 2322, SSC
Tel: 519 661-3423
Undergraduate Chair: Prof. Peter Ashmore pashmore@uwo.ca, ext. 85026
Program Advisor: Angelica Lucaci alucaci@uwo.ca, ext. 86052


Room 2201, Lawson Hall (across from SSC)
Tel: 519 661-3645
Undergraduate Chair: Prof. Jonathan Vance jvance@uwo.ca, ext. 84974
Program Advisor: Rebecca Northcott rnorthc2@uwo.ca ext 84962

International Relations

Room 4154, SSC (Political Science Dept.)
Tel: 519 661-3266
Program Coordinator: Prof. Dan Bousfield dbousfie@uwo.ca, ext. 85114
Program Advisor: Lorrie Lefebvre lefebvre@uwo.ca ext 85157

Jewish Studies

Room 2201, Lawson Hall (History Dept.)
Tel: 519 661-3645
Program Director: Prof. Eli Nathans enathans@uwo.ca, ext. 84977
Program Advisor: Rebecca Northcott rnorthc2@uwo.ca ext 84962


Room 3404, SSC, ext. 85098
Prof. Karen Pennesi, linguistics-ssc@uwo.ca

DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies

Room 4330, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2051
Undergrad Chair: Bill Dawson bdawson@uwo.ca ext. 82293
Program Advisor: Lesley Atkinson dan@uwo.ca
Program Advisor: Jennifer Cormier dan@uwo.ca

Political Science

Room 4145, SSC
Tel: 519 661-3266
Undergraduate Chair: Prof. Laura Stephenson, lstephe8@uwo.ca
Program Advisor: Lorrie Lefebvre lefebvre@uwo.ca


Room 7400, SSC
Tel: 519 661-2068
Undergraduate Chair: Leora Swartzman, lswartzm@uwo.ca, ext. 84654
Program Advisor: Ramona Fudge rfudge@uwo.ca, ext. 83678
Undergraduate Coordinator: Susan Smith-Goddard, sgoddard@uwo.ca, ext 82068


Room 5304, SSC
Tel: 519 661-3606
Undergraduate Chair: Professor Wolfgang Lehmann, wlehmann@uwo.ca, ext. 85385
Program Advisor: Jennifer Gilchrist  sociology@uwo.ca ext 85143
(see http://www.sociology.uwo.ca/undergraduate/program_counselling.html to find out how to book your appointment)

Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction

See Political Science
Undergraduate Chair: Professor Pauline Wakeham, pwakeham@uwo.ca, ext. 85815

Women’s Studies and Feminist Research

Room 3260, Lawson Hall
Tel: 519 661-3759
Undergraduate Chair: Erica Lawson, elawso3@uwo.ca, ext. 86941
Program Advisor: Alicia McIntyre, amcint4@uwo.ca, ext. 83759